Carmen Flores
Director of Compensation
Outlook November / December 2019

Another Great Dinner Dance

On November 10, 2019, Letter Carriers and their families gathered together at the Marina Del Rey for the 43rd Annual Dinner Dance to honor retiring Branch 36 Officers Pat McNally and Harold Hilllard for their many years of dedicated service and loyalty. We also honored Michael D’Angelo who has been a long-time shop steward and trustee of Branch 36. Although he is retiring from his duties at Branch 36, he is not ready to hang it all up yet at Gracie Station. We honored Frank Perez and Mike Kelly as well for their hard work and overall commitment to Branch 36. We had 592 people in attendance this year. It was a great turnout, but I expected nothing less for these honorees.

I would like to thank the Dinner Dance Committee, consisting of Helen Amill, Sheila Mitchell, Patricio Montenegro, Karla Navas and Tayry Vega, for an outstanding job in making this event one to remember. To our Branch President Charlie Heege, thank you for having confidence in the Dinner Dance Committee and me, as your Chairperson. We are already looking forward to next year’s Dinner Dance.

A message from Workers Compensation: I have received numerous calls regarding payment for pending and approved claims. If you have not received payment for your on-the-job injury or Occupational Disease, which has been approved, you must file a grievance with your shop steward.

If your claim is pending, you’ve been out 45 days and have not received any compensation, you must also file a grievance with your shop steward. As a Compensation Officer, I do not file grievances handled at the station level. My position is to assist you with getting your claim approved. You can provide me with a waiver, which will allow me to investigate the status of your OWCP case.

The winter days are upon us so remember to be safe from slips and falls. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Outlook September / October 2019

Annual Dinner Dance

Summer is winding down and we will soon be entering into the fall and winter seasons and we all know what that means. The holidays will begin in a flash and there will be many festive events to attend. One particular event that always kicks off the Holiday Season is Branch 36’s Annual Dinner Dance.

Our Dinner Dance has the well-earned reputation of being the event you do not want to miss. Carriers along with their friends and family have attended our Dinner Dance year after year, and thoroughly enjoyed the food, drinks and superb ambiance of the Marina Del Rey. The Hollywood DJs have never missed a beat, always playing to a packed dance floor. When the dance is over, everyone is left wishing for just one more hour.

This year’s Dinner Dance will be held on Sunday, November 10, 2019 at the Marina Del Rey from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. Branch 36 will be honoring retirees former 1st Vice President Harold Hilliard and former 2nd Vice President Patrick McNally, along with Part-time Officer/Steward Frank Perez, who will be retiring at the end of the year. All three have been dedicated men of distinction and valuable assets to Branch 36 and its members. Let’s thank them with a great big turnout and a hearty round of applause for all the work they have done throughout their many years of service. Tickets are $90 each. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the dance. So ladies and gentlemen get your dancing shoes out and let’s get ready to party.

A brief note on Workers Compensation: if you are injured on the job or experience an Occupational Disease or a recurrence, it is important that you fill out the right form. Do not forget to get a receipt of your claim. For an on the job injury, fill out a CA-1 form and be sure to get a CA-16 form from management. You will need to give it to the first physician who provides you with medical services. That CA-16 form ensures that the physician gets paid by the Postal Service. If you are claiming an Occupational Disease you must fill out a CA-2 form. If you have a recurrence from your previous on the job injury you need to fill out a CA-2A form.

Until next time, stay safe, enjoy your life and God bless you all.

Outlook July / August 2019

Successful Compensation Claims

By understanding and enforcing your rights, under OWCP rules, you lesson the negative impact management can have on your claim.

First, it is important to understand which form you should be filling out. If you have an on the job injury, fill out form CA1. If you have an occupational disease, then you must fill out form CA2. Upon receiving medical attention for an on the job injury you must make sure that management provides you with form CA16. This form ensures that the physician rendering medical services will be paid by the postal service. It is also important to attain a receipt of the form from management because it is proof that you filled it out.

If after submitting form CA1 you realize that you will be out past the 45 days of the COP entitlement, you must fill out form CA-7 to claim lost wages and benefits. After doing so, forward that CA-7 form to Health and Resource Management Specialist in JAF. Please be aware that your CA-7 form must include your doctor’s report supported by medical documentation. If you will be out due to an occupational disease, form CA-7 must be filled out with the same requirements as I have previously mentioned.

During these hot summer days, I hope no one becomes ill on the job, but if you do, please do not hesitate to seek medical assistance and fill out form CA-1 accompanied by a CA-16 form to give to your attending physician.
Until next time enjoy the rest of your summer and be safe.
The Postal Service has partnered with One Call Care Management in a pilot test that will provide transportation to and from medical appointments for employees who have suffered an on-the-job injury. The service is voluntary and refusing to use it will not affect your claim. To be eligible, you must have an approved Traumatic Injury Claim (CA-1) or an approved Occupational Disease (CA-2) or have a CA-1 claim pending adjudication. For more information, you can call One Call (877.422.5446) or your Health and Resource Management Specialist @ JAF.

Outlook May / June 2019

Save the Date

This year’s dinner dance will be held on Sunday, November 10, 2019 at the Marina Del Rey from 12 noon to 5 p.m. The cost of a ticket is $90 and includes a cocktail hour, 3 course meal, dessert and drinks.

This year, Branch 36 will be honoring former 1st Vice President Harold Hillard, former 2nd Vice President Pat McNally and Frankie Perez, who during his letter carrier career served as a Shop Steward, Hearing Officer and Trustee. All three men have much in common, each served Branch 36 and its members with loyalty, honor and dedication. Let’s thank them all for their triumphant years of service by making this the biggest dinner dance ever.

I would also like to remind everyone about our dinner dance journal ads. The journal ads cost $5.00 per person and all monies collected from the journal ads go towards the Eyeglass and Scholarship Fund.

We all know it is important that we get our eyes checked as we age. The Eyeglass Voucher covers an eye exam and glasses and/or a discount wherever applicable. Each year Branch 36 looks forward to awarding four scholarships to the children of our members. These scholarships assist members with the cost of a college education. So, save the date and don’t forget to support the dinner dance journal ads.

Lastly, for everyone attending the METS game on Sunday, June 16th at Citifield: LET’S GO METS!! Happy Father’s Day!

Outlook March / April 2019
Congratulations to the Heege & Ortiz Team!
will first like to thank our president, Charlie Heege, for having confidence in me to serve with him side by side as one of his part-time officers. Secondly, thank you to all the members for having faith in our abilities as a team. I am certain that you will be satisfied with the representation you will soon receive from all of us. As I transition into my new position as your Director of Compensation, I am well aware of the big shoes I must fill.

First Vice President Anibal “Sonny” Guadalupe, former Director of Compensation, has been my mentor for many years, and I thank him for his time, dedication and patience. Sonny has been sharing his vast knowledge of OWCP with me and I now feel ready to assist the membership with their concerns and OWCP claims.

Many carriers are suffering from Traumatic, Occupational and Recurrent work related injuries. Management is required to provide all OWCP forms upon request. You have up to three (3) years from the last exposure to the working condition that caused the injury to file a claim for compensation. Once you have submitted your claim, it is the Postal Service’s responsibility to ensure that the claim gets to the Labor Department within 10 days. If this does not happen, notify your shop steward immediately so that a grievance can be filed.

Once again, congratulations to the Charlie Heege & Pascual Ortiz Team. Happy Easter!

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