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Outlook March / April 2019
Installation of Officers
On April 11, 2019 Vincent R. Sombrotto Branch 36 Officers were installed at the April Membership Meeting. Close to 200 members including some family and friends were in attendance. Many thanks to the staff of F & J Pine Restaurant on a job well done; everything went off without a hitch.

The following is my acceptance speech given directly after we were sworn in by NALC President Fred Rolando.
Welcome Everyone.

Many thanks, first and foremost, to the members of Vincent R. Sombrotto Branch 36 for having the confidence in electing the Charlie Heege/Pascual Ortiz Slate of Officers. Secondly, many thanks to Fred Rolando for taking time out of your very busy schedule to be our Installing Officer today. And many thanks also to Assistant Installing Officer, Orlando Gonzalez, for always stepping up when called upon. And last but certainly not least, Cleveland Morgan, who flew in from Georgia to celebrate with us today. I am sure you would all agree it certainly wouldn’t be an Installation without Cleveland giving the Invocation.

Branch 36 is not a one man show. It is a team effort. For this reason, I would like to call up our full-time officers because each one will play a major part moving Branch 36 forward: Executive Vice President Pascual Ortiz; First Vice President/Treasurer Anibal Guadalupe; Second Vice President Danielle Smith; and Recording Secretary Tony Ortiz.

There have been some changes since our last Installation three years ago. John Springman’s untimely passing over a year and a half ago left our team with a lingering question that had to be answered unfortunately. That question was, “Who could possibly ever replace John?” Unknowingly, John actually had made it an easy decision for me. You see many times over the years, John sat in my office and spoke of the many accomplishments of his protégé Pascual Ortiz, whom he had mentored. Today, you have all confirmed that I made the right decision back then by reelecting Pascual as our Executive Vice President.

Another Ortiz, but no relation to our Executive Vice President, is Tony Ortiz. Tony and I have worked together for many years as full-time officers and he has been a valuable asset to Branch 36 and its members. Two key players, Harold Hillard and Pat McNally, paved the way for the two new faces you see here today by retiring as Branch 36 Officers. Today is actually their last day and both Harold and Pat are here with us this evening. Please give them a round of applause on a job well done and for years of dedicated service. We will be honoring Harold and Pat at this year’s dinner dance in the Marina Del Rey on Sunday, November 10, 2019. Let’s make it the biggest dinner dance ever! Thank you for having the confidence in electing Anibal aka “Sonny” and Danielle. Each one has put in endless time and energy working for our Branch 36 members and I have no doubt that energy will gain even more momentum in the future. Together our team is ready, willing and able to represent Branch 36 members proudly.

We have attended at least 6 labor management meetings in the last two months. We put management on notice that we are willing to meet, but have no problem taking violations to the grievance procedure if it’s warranted. Our Branch has three Arbitration Advocates that can go up against anyone and rest assured the outcome would be favorable. Pascual, Danielle and Helen Amill have proven themselves over and over again, and are an amazing team of arbitration advocates.

It has gotten back to us that management has nicknames for two of us so far. I won’t say who earned these nicknames. I will let you guess. The nicknames from management are “Rude” and “Mean”.

As a team, we believe in education and will continue with our Quarterly Shop Steward Seminars. We do have one particular goal that we want to share with you all today. Our goal is to get more of you to sign up for payroll deductions for the Letter Carriers Political Fund. In looking around this room, I estimate that around 90% of you donate to the Letter Carriers Political Fund, formerly known as COLCPE. Our goal is to get you to give the same amount, but through payroll deduction or checking debit instead. For the 10% of you who are not onboard yet because you were never told of the importance, we have asked NALC Legislative and Political Organizers Tony Perconte and Marc Ashmon to prepare a short presentation stressing the importance of donating to the Letter Carriers Political Fund. The easy answer is we need to elect our friends to Congress and the White House. How do we determine who our friends are, you might wonder? Our friends are those Members of Congress who want to preserve the US Postal Service with six day delivery, door to door delivery, collective bargaining, retirement and health benefits and so much more. We actually have friends in both parties and therefore support bi-partisan candidates. In Fred’s own words, “The US Postal Service is a microcosm of the US.” The NALC has carriers on both ends of the political spectrum and everywhere else in between. But the common denominator is the desire to preserve the US Postal Service. The American public is deserving of our unwavering resolve to preserve the United States Postal Service as written in the US Constitution in the proud tradition of our forefathers.

Thank you all for sharing this day with our team and especially to those of you who traveled long distances like: John Kennedy Rivera from Puerto Rico; Stacy from Florida; Cleveland from Georgia; and Fred from Washington, D.C.
And now it is my distinct pleasure to turn it over to NALC President Fred Rolando.

It was a bittersweet experience at our Installation. The bitter feeling stems from the realization that I will no longer be working with Harold and Pat on a daily basis as full-time officers like we have for many years. The sweet feeling stems from knowing they now get to relax, kick back and enjoy the good life without the worries of Branch 36. Harold and Pat were true assets to Branch 36 and I hope they visit us often.

Branch 36 is very lucky to have fully qualified people to replace Harold and Pat. Anibal better known as “Sonny” and Danielle will do an excellent job for our members and round out the full-time officers’ team with Pascual and Tony.
Together, I have no doubt we will be a well-oiled machine and ready at the get-go to take on all challenges and problems we may face for Branch 36.

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