Davis Velazquez
Director of Safety and Health
Outlook March / April 2019
LDC 23 Vehicle Safety
The postal vehicle is a welcomed and trusted sight in all residential and business communities because it signals that we are doing what we do best, delivering postal products. The increase in parcel volume raises the amount of postal vehicles and parcel post assignments needed. Now more than ever these vehicles remain on the road longer. In order to continue meeting this standard, it is imperative that the postal service maintains these vehicles in proper working condition. The safety of our letter carriers, as well as, the public is paramount. Preventive maintenance starts with you, the driver. You should be performing a daily vehicle inspection before and after driving and performing your postal duties.

A vehicle inspection check list, titled “Expanded Vehicle Safety Check”, (Notice 76) can be found in the M-41, section 832. The check list includes the following guidelines: 1. Inspect under vehicle for fluid leaks. 2. Inspect front tires for uneven wear and under-inflation. 3. Check that hood can be latched securely. 4. Check front for body damage. 5. Check left side for body damage. 6. Check left door lock (check for complete accident report kit if stowed on inside left of vehicle). 7. Check for rear-end leaks. 8. Check all rear tires for inflation and wear. 9. Check rear for body damage. 10. Check rear door lock. 11. Check right side for body damage. 12. Check right-side door lock(s). 13. Open door and move into driving position. 14. Check for complete accident report kit. 15. Start engine.16. With assistance, adjust pot-lid mirrors and rear-view mirrors. 17. With assistance, check headlights, taillights, brake lights, flashers, and directional signals (front and rear). 18. Adjust center rear-view mirror.19. Check operation of windshield wipers and washer. 20. Check operation of horn 21. Inspect gauges for proper operation. 22. Check foot brake. 23. Check emergency brake. 24. Check seat belt and fasten.

Drivers are to report all defects /failures immediately to management using Postal Forms (PS) form 4565, “Vehicle repair tag”. Drivers are to receive their signed copy of PS Form 4565 as proof that defects/failures were reported. Management is required to report all safety defects/failures immediately to maintenance for abatement before the vehicle is used. If management fails to send the vehicle for repairs and instructs you to use the vehicle under these conditions you should file PS Form 1767 and have your shop steward filed a grievance. One order you may refuse is one that is given that places you in a position to perform an unsafe act. Safety Depends on You. You are your most important delivery.

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