Edward Dyer
Mutual Benefits Assocate
Outlook March / April 2019
Customer Connect
I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Edward Dyer and I am the Customer Connect Coordinator for Manhattan. I would further like to mention that it has been my pleasure visiting stations to see, hear and speak to the members about the program. Hearing concerns and offering help has been an enjoyable experience for me. By explaining the program’s power, I hope the message is clear; it is in our best interest to get involved. If we can get at least 1 lead per carrier we can be successful. New York is the land of opportunity and revenue can be found everywhere we look. No lead is too small or too big. All carriers are encouraged to find a lead on their route, but may also submit a lead from anywhere in the United States. If you have a friend in a different state who you feel will benefit from the program, please submit that lead.

EDDM is only 19 cents a flyer and we can also help save customers on shipping costs as well. Submit a lead! Together we can show the Postal Service how much we mean to our customers by their participation. Participation is the key to our success. Stay involved.

MBA was established for the benefit of letter carriers to obtain additional Whole Life Insurance and Hospital Plus policies. One benefit of being a member is that you insure not only yourself, but your family members also. Eligible family members include spouses, children, stepchildren, grand and great grandchildren and/or parents.

There is also a Retirement Savings Plan to consider. CCAs are also eligible to start a retirement plan, which can be transferred to a Thrift Savings Plan once you are converted to full-time status. Remember, it’s a great way to start planning for your future!

For additional info, you can visit the NALC.org website. On the home page, click on Members Benefits, and scroll down to the MBA link. On the MBA home page you can see and browse through all of the available policies. I am sure you will find one that suits your needs.


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