Jerome Jackson
Director of Education
Outlook January / February 2019
Brothers and Sisters, ask yourselves what is getting in the way of you becoming more actively involved with the union? Do you have questions that you need addressed before committing? For those of you who are actively involved in the union, think about ways you can approach other coworkers to join the fight and do the same. This UNION can be stronger in numbers and unquestionably even better than we are now.

We all have families and other obligations outside of work to address; however, this is essential to our future means of support. So attend a branch meeting, come to an MDA event and give to Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF). It is very important to ask yourself how you can make your union stronger and station safer and more productive.

We all enjoy that COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) when it goes into effect and is reflected in our paychecks. CCAs, isn’t it a good feeling when you get paid for six out of ten holidays? Carriers with six years of continuous service, who worked in at least 20 pay periods during each of those six years, are protected by Article 6 - no layoff or reduction in force. In all these examples, the NALC fights for you and for carriers’ best interests.

I have repeatedly said in the past that it is important to make sure all hours worked and requested are reflected in your paycheck. It is also important to have quality safety and health procedures in place at all stations. Management is responsible to provide safe working conditions and we are all responsible to make sure management carries out that obligation. Remember, if you see something unsafe, report it. Fill out that safety form 1767, and tell and show your Shop Steward the problem.

Article 35 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here for all carriers and their families. There are a wide range of programs to help, assist and guide you. EAP is confidential and counselors are held up to strict Federal and State Laws. All shared information is strictly private. If you need to reach out; do so, don’t let an opportunity for help pass you by. Feel free to ask for a referral for a co-worker or family member. Whatever you are going through or dealing with, reach out and talk to an EAP counselor. Don’t wait until it is too late because one day you might look back and think if only I called EAP. / (212) 330-5650 or (800) 327-4968
Outlook November / December 2018
Weingarten Rights
Happy Holidays to all my Brothers and Sisters, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday with your friends and loved ones. One question I would like to ask you is what have you done for the union or for your station lately? Have you been an active union member or been involved in any union related events recently? Have you attended any union meetings? Have you contributed to the Letter Carrier Political Fund or submitted a Customer Connect lead? Do you see hazardous conditions at your station and ignore them or do you report them and put in the paperwork?

Branch 36 is one of the BEST unions in the country and it gains strength in numbers. When more members become active participants, the union gains by leaps and bounds. Just imagine what would happen if all of you finally became active in this union. Vincent R. Sombrotto Branch 36 has a large membership; but to be stronger and better, we need full participation from all of its members.

It is important to understand your Weingarten Rights. Has a supervisor, 204(b), or manager ever been interrogating you in a situation, which involves you or a co-worker? As an employee, if this situation arises, the first thing you should immediately ask is “CAN THIS LEAD TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION?” If the answer is yes, then request to speak to your shop steward immediately. You are entitled to union representation. If you are unsure and don’t believe management when they say no adverse consequences will result, then request a steward. Weingarten Rights rules apply only when speaking with management in an Investigatory Interview, which could possibly lead to discipline action. You, the member and only you, can exercise your Weingarten Rights. Your shop steward cannot exercise your Weingarten Rights for you. Once you make your request to exercise your Weingarten Rights, you are entitled and have the right to a shop steward. Weingarten Rights do not apply to the following:

1) Discussion with management;
2) Fitness for duty physical examinations.

EAP is an outlet to help you, your family members, and co-workers. EAP is the second step; the first step begins with you. You have to recognize the issue within yourself or others and contact EAP. EAP helps in an endless list of categories. It’s not just for substance abuse or crisis situations. EAP can be utilized as a life management tool. Have you ever wanted to be more organized in your life? Could use a little more “Me” time? Are you trying to lose weight or looking to improve family time? Are you in search of better health or want to reach out to someone who won’t judge? All of these questions and worries can be answered with the proper time and resources.

Remember, EAP is here for you and has helped many others throughout the Postal Service. Don’t ever think you are alone or the only one with problems. Don’t isolate yourself with those issues that are putting or keeping you in a down mood. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and talk to someone. You will actually start to feel better by reaching out.

EAP is a free, voluntary and a confidential program. So pick up the phone and call (212) 330-5650 or (800) 327-4968.

Outlook September / October 2018
Just Saying
Congratulation to ALL CCA’S who converted to Regulars throughout the Bronx and Manhattan. Brothers and Sisters, please stay on top of all hours worked and your time used. You earned it, it’s your time and money so keep track of it.

We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at work. Sometimes the treatment of letter carriers by management violates one or more contractual provisions, which prohibit certain types of behavior and treatment. If you don’t take a stand and speak up to stop the abuse, how can there ever be improvement in the work environment.

In some post offices, local management treats letter carriers and/or allows letter carriers to be treated in unhealthy and unacceptable ways. This kind of a work environment can easily become hostile and toxic.

Common causes of mistreatment by management sometimes come from pressure to make the numbers and meet workload projections. Sometimes it stems from unhappiness with a carrier’s performance, a personal dislike of an individual, poor management skills or simply a lack of respect for others. The following are often factors: management mistreats letter carriers through harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying. Management not only has the right, but the responsibility to manage effectively by setting the tone as to how all employees will be treated. Management must maintain an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all employees.

The NALC has worked with the Postal Service to highlight management obligations geared towards a safe work environment that is free of threats, intimidation, harassment and violence. The Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace and the Second Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace contain language which prohibits management from creating or condoning a hostile work environment. The long-lasting importance of the Joint Statement is that it does not just condemn violence, but affirms as a core principle that every employee, at every level of the Postal Service should be treated at all times with dignity, respect and fairness.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
E.A.P. isn’t just for substance abuse cases or crisis situations. EAP can be utilized as a life management tool. Ever want to get more organized with your life? Could use a little more “ME” time? Are you trying to lose weight? Wouldn’t it be good to improve your overall family time? Do you want better health? Do you want to reach out to someone who won’t judge? All of these questions you might think about, but believe you don’t seem to have the time or resources? Here are a few tips from D.A.C. (District Advisory Committee) of EAP on these topics.

One TIP to organize your life is to get colored folders for different bills, important documents, and personal information. A TIP for a little “ME” time is to try and turn off or silence your phone for a set period of time. During that time, gather your thoughts and think about ways to relax yourself. Here’s a TIP for losing weight not only cut your food intake and do some exercise; but mentally set goals and challenge yourself. Also speak with someone who lost weight to get tips and ideas. An important TIP for improving family time is as the saying goes: “It’s not about the amount of time spent together, but the quality of time spent together that counts.” Create a quality jar where each family member writes an activity on a piece of paper that he or she wants to do as a family and place it in the jar. One family member gets to pull an idea from the jar and the whole family gets to join in the activity. TIP for reaching out is if you don’t want to reach out to a person or people you know, you can pick up the phone and contact EAP to speak with a counselor about your ups and downs. EAP is a free, voluntary and confidential program. Pick up the phone and call or log on: (212) 330-5650 or (800) 327-4968 or at

Outlook July / August 2018
Just Saying
PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TIME!! Your hours worked, overtime, penalty overtime, leaved used, leave requested, and leave that management gave to you. Get into the habit of looking at you paystubs whether it’s the one mailed to you, or by logging into liteblue to check it. Immediately bring it to your shop steward’s attention if time is missing or not requested so an investigation can be conducted and a grievance be filed. If you agree with Article 34 which states a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, then check your time every two weeks. If not, then suffer with the consequences and missing pay.

Management is usually in violation of Article 41, but how many of you are or knows of a fellow brother or sister that is as well. Yes, there are carriers out there in violation of Article 41. Ever want to “Get a head start” before you begin your tour? Or say, “I’m not going to get auxiliary help today, I never do?” Or, “It’s going to be hot today?” Those of you that do work OFF the clock are in violation of Article 41, as well as those supervisors and managers that allow carrier(s) to do so. Please, if you can explain a benefit of working off the clock at your station, call (212)239-3901 and let any of the officers along with myself know about it. How does this help you, your co-workers, and/or the assignments at the station?

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed - How can employees know if their rights are being violated if they don’t ask their steward or call the branch and speak to an officer? If something doesn’t seem or sound right with what management said to you, call for a second opinion. Better to be safe than sorry.

It’s not what you said, but what you can prove - Create a paper trail, get that confirmation on paper. Management at times tends to forget words and agreements with carriers. Don’t get caught up with management said this and management said that, have support with that paperwork. YOU HAVE A VOICE, USE IT!

Pick up the phone and call (800) EAP-4YOU or go online to The first part of reaching out and wanting to speak to someone is recognizing there is a problem or a concern with not only you but someone else as well. Whenever you need someone to lean on, speak with, get things off your chest, or vent a little bit. Please know EAP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will help you to be better equipped with the struggles and/or difficulties life sometimes throws at you. Whenever you lean on someone for support, advise, help, or guidance, you are showing your strength not weakness by reaching out. Reaching out for help reduces stress and makes things more manageable in moving forward. Ignoring the problem or issue doesn’t mean it will go away; it might make things get worse. How can you can address things hidden away and not revealed? The following are the four “C’s” and reasons to help you understand:
1. COUNSELING - A process of growth;
2. CONSULTATION - When you need advice;
3. COACHING - Setting and achieving goals;
4. CRITICAL INCIDENTS - When tragedy strikes and you feel you need help or have the desire to reach out.

Use our phone number (800) EAP-4YOU or our website

Outlook May / June 2018
Just Saying
I personally would like to thank the women of Vincent R. Sombrotto who were on the Outlook cover for March/April 2018. Thank you for all the behind the scenes things you do, the extra steps each one of you takes (not only for the membership) but also for your own families, too.

I usually mention about getting involved with the union, whether it’s through the MDA Comedy Show, the Dinner Dance, the Mets game, or Food drive, etc. It is very important. Everyone should get involved.

I would like to thank the Brothers and Sisters of Boulevard Station in Bronx for attending the April 12, 2018 Membership Meeting located V.F.W. Post 271 Hall at 720 Nereid Avenue. I mention it because prior to the April 12, 2018 Membership Meeting, employees would call me or our branch officers with numerous questions regarding employee rights, management rights, or contract information. I would encourage all members to come to a membership meeting with their questions and concerns and to see what goes on, how membership meetings are conducted, to meet other members, and to be able to put faces to names of the Vincent R. Sombrotto Branch 36 Officers. Boulevard Station collectively came out to the April Membership Meeting and hopefully it won’t be their last. Thank you for getting involved. It’s important.

I can’t stress this enough: keep track of your time, whether its hours worked, sick leave or annual leave. Please get in the habit of checking to determine that everything is correct for that pay period. The quicker you notice an error, the sooner it can be fixed and/or the union can get the ball rolling on a grievance.

If you are a CCA employee currently on a hold-down and your break in service (furlough) happens, once you return from your break in service (furlough) remember you continue with your hold down.

Brothers and Sisters, if you are issued any type of letter of demand such as: Indebtedness or Salary Overpayment, etc. be sure to notify your steward immediately. After notifying your steward, complete a PS form 3074. There are two pages to this form, employees fill out page one (1) only of PS form 3074.

I, Jerome Jackson (Cornell Station), along with Tayry Vega (Auborn Station), Karla Navas (Co-op Station) make up District Advisory Committee (DAC) for NY District for EAP. EAP is a program to assist employees, as well as, their family members. EAP is also Article 35 of the J-Cam/National Agreement. If you recognize a problem or just want to talk to someone, please reach out to EAP.
(800) EAP-4-You / (800) 327-4968 / (212) 330-5650
Outlook January / February 2018
Check your Time!
Working through bad weather conditions, pivots, and so much more can be frustrating when you are not paid for the hours you worked. CHECK YOUR TIME! If you haven’t been paid correctly, inform your steward. If your steward is not available, call the branch (212) 239-3901 and speak to an officer.

A supervisor or manager must fill out the 1017-A form when they allege that time is disallowed because a carrier was not working. The supervisor or manager is required to notify the letter carrier and record that date of notification. The best advice for all letter carriers is keep track of your time.

Operating a Postal Vehicle
When operating a postal vehicle it is required to have a valid driver’s license. It is equally important to notify your supervisor when your state driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. Article 29 states that an employee’s driving privileges will automatically be revoked or suspended concurrently with any revocation or suspension of the state driver’s license and be restored upon reinstatement. Once the license reinstatement is restored, driving privileges will be returned. Do not try to hide a suspended or revoked license because all reasonable efforts will be made to reassign the employee to non-driving duties, whether in their craft or in another.
See Something, Say Something
\If you see something or you know something is not right, remember, not mentioning it does not help you, our membership or the situation. Reach out to your steward and/or the officers at the branch. Please don’t have the mentality that nothing will change or get done. That is the wrong mindset to have when trying to fix an issue or in correcting something. Whether it is a work hours’ issue, unsafe working conditions or any other reason, reach out. You have the resources to be heard, so use them.
1) I don’t need to speak with anyone.
2) I don’t want to talk about it.
3) I don’t want to be bothered.
4) I can’t stand this place.
5) I don’t have time for myself.
6) My family stresses me out.
7) Nothing is going to change.
8) Childcare/Parent care
9) I need/want to stop smoking.
10) I can’t believe they’re gone (passing).

If you know someone who can relate with anything on the above list or identify with anything related to it, advise them that EAP is an outlet for such issues. Sometimes people need someone to talk to who will not judge, but simply listen. Unexpected things happen in life. Sometimes we need to step back and reach out and put things into focus in order to move forward in life. Reach out for yourself or suggest it to a person that you believe may benefit from EAP.

You can reach us at or call 1-800-EAP-4YOU.

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