Jerome Jackson
Director of Education
Outlook January / February 2018
Check your Time!
Working through bad weather conditions, pivots, and so much more can be frustrating when you are not paid for the hours you worked. CHECK YOUR TIME! If you haven’t been paid correctly, inform your steward. If your steward is not available, call the branch (212) 239-3901 and speak to an officer.

A supervisor or manager must fill out the 1017-A form when they allege that time is disallowed because a carrier was not working. The supervisor or manager is required to notify the letter carrier and record that date of notification. The best advice for all letter carriers is keep track of your time.

Operating a Postal Vehicle
When operating a postal vehicle it is required to have a valid driver’s license. It is equally important to notify your supervisor when your state driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. Article 29 states that an employee’s driving privileges will automatically be revoked or suspended concurrently with any revocation or suspension of the state driver’s license and be restored upon reinstatement. Once the license reinstatement is restored, driving privileges will be returned. Do not try to hide a suspended or revoked license because all reasonable efforts will be made to reassign the employee to non-driving duties, whether in their craft or in another.
See Something, Say Something
\If you see something or you know something is not right, remember, not mentioning it does not help you, our membership or the situation. Reach out to your steward and/or the officers at the branch. Please don’t have the mentality that nothing will change or get done. That is the wrong mindset to have when trying to fix an issue or in correcting something. Whether it is a work hours’ issue, unsafe working conditions or any other reason, reach out. You have the resources to be heard, so use them.
1) I don’t need to speak with anyone.
2) I don’t want to talk about it.
3) I don’t want to be bothered.
4) I can’t stand this place.
5) I don’t have time for myself.
6) My family stresses me out.
7) Nothing is going to change.
8) Childcare/Parent care
9) I need/want to stop smoking.
10) I can’t believe they’re gone (passing).

If you know someone who can relate with anything on the above list or identify with anything related to it, advise them that EAP is an outlet for such issues. Sometimes people need someone to talk to who will not judge, but simply listen. Unexpected things happen in life. Sometimes we need to step back and reach out and put things into focus in order to move forward in life. Reach out for yourself or suggest it to a person that you believe may benefit from EAP.

You can reach us at or call 1-800-EAP-4YOU.

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