Karla Navas
Director of Education
Outlook March / April 2019
Guys, 4-1-1 in the Swing Room!
For me this is how it all began. Communication is key and this statement could not be more true. I have learned that when organizational information fails to reach its intended recipients, the entire organization can suffer and this can place our carriers at a disadvantage. Keeping this in mind, there are three types of communications skills I would like to discuss in the hopes of helping all members in the ongoing growth and development of our careers and relationships.

Verbal Communication is the process of expressing information or ideas by word of mouth. Let’s be mindful of how we share information and the importance of relaying it to one another. As a Shop Steward in Coop City Station, it all began for me by gathering the carriers in the swing room to simply share information of what I was learning in the General Membership Meetings, and mentioning specific topics that affected the carriers as they arose within our station. Because as you all know, knowledge is power. Useful advice for all shop stewards: the more you equip your carriers with wisdom, the more confident they will be to stand up and perform the duties that are rightfully expected of them!

Visual Communication, did you know one of the most important ways that people communicate and share information is by using symbols and imagery? How much better would it be for all of our members to have a go to place with a wealth of information at our fingertips as needed within the station? I mean we don’t all have the same working schedules, and with that being said, (in case your station does not have one already) I strongly advise that a Union board display important information such as the USPS National Emergency Hotline number (1-888-363-7462), Seniority list, Overtime desired list, Vacation batch, Flash Notices from our branch, etc. We will only benefit and it will keep us all on the same page and prevemt management from violating our rights.

Non-verbal Communication involves anything besides words, such as gestures, actions, facial expressions, body language and other aspects of your physical appearance, that when seen communicate something. To all my awesome saucy Letter Carriers and CCA’s, continue to show up to work, dress the part and perform to the best of your ability. These simple actions will communicate pride in who you are and what you represent. In turn, it will make it less likely you’ll have unwanted attention from management.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to congratulate and thank my fellow officers of the Charlie Heege and Pascual Ortiz Slate for the honor to further join in the fight of representing my brothers and sisters of Vincent R. Sombrotto Branch 36 as a part time officer and Director of Education.

A huge thank you is in order for my Coop City Station and family for their trust and support as a Shop Steward throughout the years. To all my brothers and sisters, I look forward to working with you and helping to ensure a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s pay.

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