Natan Sheyer
Legislative Chair
Outlook March / April 2019
Spring Forward
The first session of the 116th Congress (2019-2020) is currently underway. We are faced with the typical and all too familiar challenges of working with the Republican Party in Congress.

We have a duty to continue to build alliances with the men and women on both sides of the aisle to proactively find champions for our causes. We do so by maintaining contact with our Representatives in Congress and by persuading them to co-sponsor the House Resolution Bills and the Senate Resolutions which are very important in defending our postal issues.

Currently there are five priority resolutions that were introduced in the 116th Congress:
H.Res-23 ... Protect Door Delivery;
H.Res-54 ... Keep Six-day Mail Delivery;
H.Res-60 ... Restoring Service Standard;
H.Res-33 ... Opposing Privatization of the Postal Service;
S.Res-99 ... Opposing Privatization of the Postal Service.
All these resolutions reached a bi-partisan majority of co-sponsors in the previous Congress (115th) and currently are building their co-sponsors.

H.Res-33 Anti Privatization of the Postal Service already has bi-partisan support with 221 co-sponsors. 218 votes is a majority in the House.

Congress finally passed the 2019 fiscal budget that ends 9/30/20 and the White House released the Proposal Budget for fiscal year 2020, which begins 10/01/2019. The proposed budget once again attacks workers, calls for deep cuts to salaries, cuts current and future health and retirement benefits. It also follows the White House Postal Task Force Report of December 2018 that calls for the elimination of Union Collective Bargaining Rights over pay, creating a postal employee pay scale as per the Federal workforce, which changes to the Postal Service’s model. All those changes and more are currently on the table and being discussed during the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

Letter carriers need to stay alert as the NALC fights against those harmful proposals. I will keep you updated as we move along.

We will be faced with some turbulent times along the journey. We will need to be vigilant and pay close attention to the upcoming legislation on postal issues. When you are called upon by the NALC Legislation to call your Representatives or Senators to vote on a bill or to reject a bill, do so! Your voice counts.

Please continue to contribute to LCPF (Letter Carrier Political Fund) our fight is not over; we can make it through this together.

Happy and Healthy Holiday Season to You and your Families!


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