Disability Income Protection
Branch 36 is proud to announce "Open Enrollment" for the new "Disability Income Paycheck Protection Plan" on a voluntary basis. The plan provides the following features:
  • Tax-free income benefits up to $3000 monthly
  • pays for accident or sickness on or off the job
  • No medical examination or blood test required
  • Treats pregnancy as any other disability
  • Pays in addition to all other benefits
  • Covers pre-existing conditions after only 12 months
  • Members do not have to be hospitalized to collect
  • Coverage is portable if you change jobs
  • Affordable, Convenient, Payroll Deductions
Since most Branch 36 members are not covered by New York State Disability benefits, this plan will help provide income in the event of Accident or Sickness on or off the job, which is underwritten by First Unum not by Branch 36.
Contact John Vaccaro to find out more
(718) 356-6100
Mortgage Loans
Members Mortgage Corp
and the KMF Group
NO points, NO costs mortgage loans
The KMF Group homebuyer's discount program for all NALC Branch 36 members. A no cost mortgage plus discount attorney fees, title insurance, homeowners insurance and bank closing fees gives you an average saving of $6,600
  • Application Fee $0
  • Appraisal Fee $0
  • Commitment Fee $0
  • Loan Origination Fee $0
  • Credit Report $0
  • Document Prep $0
  • Underwriter Fee $0
Members Mortgage Group
Dental Benefits
Carl Caravana DDS
Group Health Dental Facility
230 West 41st Street
New York, NY 10036
Group Health Dental Associates Is proud to announce a Special Arrangement with NALC 36. The $35.00 Branch dental Voucher will cover an Exam, X-rays and a cleaning. All other Dental Care will be offered to NALC Members and Family at a 33% Discount Rate from the usual Northeast Dental Plan NALC fee schedule.

Check out the Union Plus benefits for NALC members

Branch 36 Eyeglass Benefits
Branch 36 members in good standing are entitled to an eyeglass voucher. This voucher is filled out by an Optometrist and returned to Branch 36 for a $35.00 reimbursement.


Member can use any eyeglass outlet
Members can also use General Vision Outlets to obtain a pair of glasses choosing from scores of frames using the voucher as payment.
General Vision Outlets with over 75 outlets in the tri-state area. Ask for your General Vision Outlets pamphlet with your voucher.
We are pleased to announce enhanced benefits through General Vision Services (GVS)
The NALC network of providers has been substantially expanded with the addition of locations in easily accessible major malls and convenient locations. Many are open seven days a week with evening hours.

GVS offers approximately $150 worth of services at no charge to you. All you have to do is call for an optical voucher

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