PS - Forms PS 4 Employee's City or County Withholding Certificate
CA - Forms PS 1017-A Time Disallowance Record
Coming Soon PS 1017-B Unauthorized Overtime Record
SF -Forms PS 1198 Request for State Income Tax Withholding
TSP-Forms PS 1199-A Direct Deposit
PS 1216 Employee's Current Mailing Address
PS 1221 Advanced Sick Leave Authorization
PS 1224 Court Duty Leave — Statement of Service
PS 1564-A Delivery Instructions
PS 1564-B Special Orders
PS 1571 Undelivered Mail Report
PS 1624 Delivery/Collection Equipment Work Request
PS 1717 Bid for Preferred Assignment
PS 1717-A Preferred Assignment Multiple Bid Card
PS 1717-B Bid for Preferred Assignment
PS 1723 Assignment Order
PS 1727 Award Recommendation/Authorization (Quality Step Increase)
PS 1750 Employee Evaluation and/or Probationary Report
PS 1767 Report of Hazard, Unsafe Condition or Practice
PS 1838-A Carrier's Count of Mail – Parcel Post And Combination Services
PS 1838-B Parcel Post Firm Delivery Worksheet
PS 1838-C Carrier's Count of Mail – Letter Carrier Routes Worksheet
PS 1840 Carrier Delivery Route — Summary of Count and Inspection
PS 2073 Notice of Appeal-Agency to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Federal Operations
PS 2548-03 Individual Training Record — City Letter Carrier
PS 2564-B EEO Settlement Agreement Pre-Complaint
PS 2565-B EEO Settlement Agreement
PS 3074

Request for Waiver of Claim for Erroneous Payment of Pay

PS 3849 Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt
PS 3971 Request for or Notification of Absence
PS 3996 Carrier — Auxiliary Control
PS 3999 Inspection of Letter Carrier Route
PS 3999-B Collection Route Inspection
PS 8190 USPS-NALC Joint Step A Grievance Form

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