Vincent R. Sombrotto
NALC President Emeritus
NALC President Emeritus became Vince's title by the action of the NALC Convention Delegates in 2004. The delegates bestowed this title upon Vince for his many accomplishments during his 22 years of service as the President of the NALC. Vince retired from this position in December, 2002. Vince became a Branch 36 letter carrier in 1947 after serving with distinction in the U.S. Navy during World War II. In 1970, he was a leader of the eight-day rank and file strike that led to reform included in the Postal Reorganization Act. He, along with six other Branch 36 members known as the "Magnificent Seven", served as a means in organizing the rank and file that led to democratizing the NALC. On December 2, 1971, Vince was elected Branch 36 President and in 1978 was elected as President of the NALC.

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