1 204Bs—Failure to Provide PS Form 1723 to Union PDF DOC
2 Act of God—Denial of Administrative PDF DOC
3 Crossing Crafts PDF DOC
4 Driving Privileges Revoked PDF DOC
5 Grievance Procedure—Failure to Comply with Grievance Settlement PDF DOC
6 Hold-Down/Opt—Improper Removal from Hold-Down/Opt PDF DOC
7 Light Duty—Failure to Provide PDF DOC
8 Limited Duty—Withdrawal of PDF DOC
9 Limited Duty—Employee Put in Standby Room PDF DOC
10 Overtime—Daily Violation—Improperly Forcing Non-ODL and Work Assignment PDF DOC
11 PM Office Duties—Improper Instructions to Not Complete per M-41 PDF DOC
12 Posting—Failure to Timely Post Vacant Route/Assignment PDF DOC
13 PS Form 3996—Failure to Provide When Requested PDF DOC
14 Unauthorized Overtime—Improperly Recorded on PS Form 1017-B PDF DOC

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