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Tony Ortiz

Recording Secretary

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I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying their vacations with their families under these current circumstances.
I would like to remind all carriers to notify the branch whenever you move. Once we are notified, we in turn notify the NALC in Washington, D.C. This reminder is also meant for the retirees who relocate.
For the new Regular Carriers and PTFs, here’s something to think about. Open Season is in November. Do your research and learn the benefits of becoming a member of the NALC Health Benefit Plan.
Did you know Weingarten Rights guarantee a carrier of the right to request union representation during Investigatory Interviews?
One extremely important thing for a carrier to know is that you must notify management if you find it necessary to divert from your route and also attain approval to do so.
With regards to 204Bs who choose to cross crafts, in accordance with Article 1, Section 6 of the National Agreement, an employee in a 204B status as a supervisor shall not perform Bargaining Unit work while he or she is in the 204B status. Form 1723, Assignment Order, is the document to be used in determining when the employee is in a 204B status. A copy of PS Form 1723 must be provided to the union with the specific beginning and ending date of the assignment. Management may prematurely terminate a 204B assignment. But in such an event, a revised PS Form 1723 must be furnished to the union as soon as possible.
M-00540 states: except in an emergency, a supervisor should not transport a member to his or her route.
M-002015 provides the supervisor had been instructed to discontinue placing the mail in question on the carrier’s ledge.
Finally, even though it’s August, let’s not forget the Letter Carriers PAC. In November 2022, we are having the Midterms. The NALC is always in a fight for survival. The Letter Carriers PAC helps us fight on the Hill. We need to fight for our wages and benefits, for our future and our children’s future. Contribution
Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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