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Tony Ortiz

Recording Secretary

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There is a saying that all good things must come to an end. I have had the honor and privilege of serving as Branch 36’s Recording Secretary since 2007. At this point in my life, I am at place where I must begin a new journey. There- fore, I am announcing my retirement as Recording Secretary.
I have had the distinct honor of representing all Branch 36 letter carriers, many of whom I have had a relationship and friendship with over many years. One thing I wish to remain true is that carriers continue the legacy of Branch 36. The food drive, MDA fundraisers, Dinner Dance, journal, annual raffle tickets, and last but not least, the Letter Carriers Political Fund, are essential. Participation in these events make our Branch stand out above the rest.
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our past great union president, Vincent R. Sombrotto, who I had the pleasure of meeting when I first became a shop steward at Hellgate Station in 1995. I was inspired by his speeches and presentations at the NALC Conventions and admired the strength he displayed. Two others I would like to recognize are the late former Branch 36 President Frank Orapello and the late former Recording Secretary Ruben Santiago. Ruben had big shoes to fill. He mentored me and they both made themselves available not just to me, but to anyone who needed them and at all times.
Hellgate Station will always be close to my heart. The carriers were my inspiration to succeed because they believed and trusted in me to be their shop steward. I am forever grateful to all of the carriers, many of whom have become my personal friends. I have had the opportunity to call many carriers from both Manhattan and the Bronx my friends over the years.
The person who I am most grateful for, and who afforded me the opportunity to represent Branch 36 as the Recording Secretary for 15 years, is President Charlie Heege. Many thanks to him for putting me in a position that allowed me to meet many people and to also assist many carriers who needed guidance and direction including the City Carrier Assistants.
In closing, I would like to once again acknowledge the above-mentioned people who helped me become the unionist that I am. Thank you to Charlie for everything and God bless everyone!

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