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Leshawn Brown

Director of Compensation

My name is LeShawn Brown and I am a Carrier from Village Station Post Office located in Manhattan. I have been with the United States Postal Service and a proud member of the NALC Branch 36 since 2013. I am a hard-working Shop Steward as well as a dedicated Hearing Officer for multiple stations within the New York City area. I am honored to accept the appointment from President Charlie Heege as the Director of Compensation for Branch 36. I will work hard to assist in any way that I can to guide you through completing your compensation paperwork in its entirety. My goal is for you to have one less worry while working on healing and regaining your physical strength. Helping you to help yourself is a win for us all. look forward to working with you and being a resource, you can count on.

Continuation of Pay (COP)

Greetings my postal family, as your Director of Compensation, I want to take the time to explain some facts about COP – Continuation of Pay. Getting injured on the job does not automatically equate to 45 days with pay. There are steps to follow to assure that you are compensated while you recover from your injuries.
First, you must complete the correct form to document your injuries. If you get injured during your assigned work tour, while performing your designated job duties in the course of one day that is considered a Traumatic Injury. You must complete a CA-1 form, which would entitle you to COP – Continuation of Pay with the proper paperwork.
Should your injuries require that you to miss work because you are temporarily unable to fulfill your job duties, you must submit medical documentation from a physician, who must specify a timeframe for which he or she recommends that you need to properly recover. Your documentation must be continuous, covering you from the date of your injury, until the date you are cleared to return to work.
The first three work days after you are injured will be charged to your accrued leave. Thereafter, the medical documentation which pertains to your on-the-job-injury will be used to determine your eligibility to receive COP. There are specific requirements that your physician must detail in writing for your documentation to be approved. However, since each case is different you will receive written notification via: U.S. Mail, which will explain what is required. So please remember, without approved medical documentation you will not be eligible for COP. Have a great summer and stay hydrated.

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