Chartered 1889, Serving the Bronx and Manhattan

Melinda Hammond

Director of City Delivery

Article 26 states in a relevant part, “All employees who are required to wear uniforms or work clothes shall be furnished uniforms or work clothes or shall be reimbursed for purchases of authorized items from duly licensed vendors.”
CCAs that have passed their probationary period are entitled to a uniform voucher. Part-time flexible carriers and regular carriers will receive a Citibank credit card which has to be requested by management.
Our union brothers and sisters fought for our right to wear a uniform and to receive assistance in obtaining a uniform. Every time our contract is up for negotiation, this is one of our hard fought for ones.
Our current contract states that our allowance for this year will be increased from $464 to $487, and for next year from $487 to $499. All increases shall become effective on an employee’s anniversary date. Don’t let a year go by without receiving your card or voucher. If you do, that is money you may not get back and will become one less shirt, pair of pants or shoes that you will have in your possession.
If you haven’t received your voucher or card, inform your shop steward. There are some of you who like to go straight to the source (management) and that’s great, but please note they can’t provide a date as to when it will be issued or be able to hand it to you on the next day. Let your shop steward know so we can get it done before your time expires or so that you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.
Page 26-4 of the JCAM states in part that, “The parties are committed to improving the efficiency and accessibility of the uniform program and to improving the overall quality of available uniform items in a cost-effective manner.”
We as shop stewards have a responsibility to our carriers to make sure that management lives up to it. When the public sees us, they should see a clean, neat professional individual. It helps to identify who we are for safety reasons. The public is more inclined to assist us if we are in trouble by providing shelter, a phone or calling an ambulance in a case of emergency. We represent each other and our union. We should want to show that we are a strong cohesive union. Be proud of who you are and where you work.

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