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Melinda Hammond

Director of City Delivery

Keeping Track of YOUR Time

Happy Holidays Branch 36 Family! We are heading into our peak season period which usually means excessive overtime and penalty hours for those who want it (December 4th – December 31st is our penalty exclusion period this year). Page 8-3 of the JCAM states in relevant part:
All bargaining unit employees are paid postal overtime for time spent in a pay status in excess of 8 hours in a service day and/or excess of 40 hours in a service week. Hours in pay status include hours of actual work and hours of paid leave.
Things have changed; management is not responsible for making sure your time is in at the end of a pay week. We have T7s (clerks) who now have that job or are supposed to have it. You have to make sure your time is correct at all times. There are many different tools to utilize for this, the NALC has an app which you can use on your phone. For those who prefer paper, Branch 36 can provide you with an NALC work hour tracker book or you can use a calendar to keep a record of your hours daily. You can log into Lite Blue on your mobile device to view your virtual time card to check your time. However you do it, just do it!
The union has filed many grievances due to management deleting time. We will not know if your time is missing due to deletion or just plain old negligence unless you notify us. Every one has a family to support; working and getting paid for the hours you work is necessary. So even if its one unit, it’s yours because one unit can soon add up to an hour if you’re not watching. So, get in the habit of checking and recording your time regularly and notify your steward immediately if there is an issue. Stay Safe everyone.

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