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Danielle Smith

Second Vice President
Financial Secretary

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First, I would like to begin by saying Happy Holidays to all members and their extended families. It has been a 19-month long struggle. My hope is that you all enjoy your holiday celebrations this year.
Branch 36 was able to enjoy our 45th Annual Dinner Dance this year with the members, families and friends. Considering we had to postpone in 2020, I must say it was successful. I could see the smiles on the faces of those who attended and can confirm to you all that it was a great party. Thank you to all that came out and made our day shine. You all looked lovely!

The PTFs are back. Now what?

In my previous article, I mentioned that residual vacancies were the next step to getting converted by order of seniority. It has been a while since we have dealt with PTFs and conversions so I want take the time out to remind the members on what’s next.
On May 5, 2021, in the Bronx and Manhattan, we have had CCAs converted to PTFS. In doing the math that would mean the Installation has had PTFs for over 6 months. PTF rules and language are coming out of extinction. Under the language of Article 7 of the National Agreement PTFs can benefit through maximization. If a PTF works on the same assignment 5 days a week for 8 to 10 hours per day for a 6-month period that assignment is eligible for maximization. This would be due to a demonstration that a regular is needed in the installation that the assignment exists.
What happens next? The Senior PTF in the installation of the assignment is then converted to full time. The converted PTF is not placed into the assignment that is maximized. The best part is that the converted PTF now has a right to bid on assignments. Keep in mind that initially the converted PTF will have flexible scheduling times and locations. It is highly recommended that the converted PTF starts planning by looking into all postings to find a permanent home. A permanent home would mean bidded into a set schedule, route and location. I would believe every CCA and PTF is looking for to that. Our stewards have taken a refresher course on how to handle maximization and are willing to help out in any way necessary if need applies.

Getting your Money’s Worth

You can trust that our Health Benefits Representative, Tom Nelson, is giving great advice about choosing the NALC Health Plan as your coverage during Open Season. I would also like to share information about the best supplemental dental and vision plans that may be beneficial as an addition to your health plan. For those who have a family the cost of extended dental or orthodontics; as well as, vision health can be expensive. These Federal plans will save your earnings from additional cost and you are entitled to them. When I first came into the Postal Service, we weren’t entitled to these dental and vision benefits. The union fought for them and eventually the federal government offered them.
I would like to advise members that in addition to the NALC, the best dental plan is the Emblem Standard or High Option. If you ask an optician, they will probably recommend the VSP plan for vision. I use both so just sharing some insight. Both plans supplemented my children’s orthodontic work and vision needs.


Thank you to all that have supported MDA through donations or by playing Wheel of Fortune. We are definitely looking forward to a brighter future and bringing back other fun fundraisers such as the Texas Hold’em Tournament and Comedy Shows. We just want to make sure is it safe to do so.
Happy Holidays. Love and Light to you all.

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