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CCA Conversion Mechanisms

There have been questions concerning the conversion of CCAs to Part-time Flexible (PTF) status and Full-time regular (FTR) positions. The conversion of CCAs to PTF is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was negotiated by the national parties and became part of the current contract between the NALC and the USPS. Basically, the MOU ensures CCAs who reach 24 months of relative standing in an installation will be converted to career PTF status. The term “career” pertains to both PTF and FTR carrier designations, so from the onset, there was a little confusion.
Pursuant to the MOU there have been conversions of CCAs to PTF status every month beginning May of this year to present. These conversions will continue so long as the 24-month requirement is met, during the life of current contract at the very least. The most common question from a newly converted PTF regards when she or he will become a Full-time Regular. The answer varies.
For example, on 1/22/2020, an agreement was made by the national parties to convert CCAs who had 30 months of relative standing as of 2/15/2020 to fulltime regulars in their installations. This was due to the fact that the USPS had gone over the percentage of CCAs versus career carriers across the nation. Unlike the 24 month requirement to convert CCAs to PTFs, the conversion to Full-time regular will not take place every 30 months.
Another way a CCA can become a full-time regular is when a city-wide residual vacancy has been posted for bid in an installation (Bronx or Manhattan) and there is no successful bidder for the position and no unassigned regular within that installation to place into the assignment. In this case, the senior CCA in the installation will be converted to FTR and placed into the position.
A third example of how a PTF can reach full-time regular status is by working 8 hours per day, five days a week on the same assignment (opt or hold-down) over a six-month period. In this example, the senior CCA within the installation where the “opt” exists will become an unassigned regular carrier. PTFs should take full advantage of Article 41.2.B which covers temporary hold-downs. At the very least you are guaranteed the hours of work on the assignment so long as there is work on that assignment.
Keep an eye out for assignments that have become vacant and not posted for bid in the stations. Bring this to the attention of the steward and be aware that if the assignment will be vacant for at least 5 days while the bidding process takes place, it’s available to opt on. Besides the National Agreement there is an excellent article in the April 2020 issue of the Postal Record pages 42 to 48 that covers CCA to PTF in a Q-and-A format. You can access it by logging on to The Branch also offers webinars for CCAs that convert to PTFs. Ask your shop steward for more information. Until next time, work safely and take all of your contractual breaks. They are the result of the struggles carriers before you had to endure.

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