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Tom Nelson

Health Benefits Representative

Thomas (Tom) was re-elected Director of Health Benefits in 2022. A position he has held since 2007. Tom began his postal and Union career in 1978 and from the beginning he was always willing to volunteer and lend a hand whenever Branch 36 members needed him. He was elected Shop Steward by his fellow carriers and later became a Formal A Representative in 1998. Tom held many elected positions during his tenure. In 2003, Tom was invited to train for the Dispute Resolution Process and was selected to be part of the Step B Dispute Resolution team. Tom continues to keep the letter carriers of Branch 36 well versed on anything that may affect healthcare premiums or coverage. In 2022, Tom was re-elected to the position of Director of Health Benefits and he will continue to keep everyone informed about any changes in healthcare on the horizon.

NALC Health Benefit

Greetings Brothers and Sisters! I am writing today about preventive care and some important Medicare information. Getting recommended screenings is one of the most important things that you can do for your health. Preventive care helps prevent health problems and/or finds them before they become serious. If an In-Network provider is used for covered routine service, the Plan pays 100% and members have no co-payment or coinsurance. Talk to your doctor about maintaining or catching up on recommended screenings.
For the benefit of letter carriers, the plan has expanded its custom functional foot orthotic benefit to two pairs annually. For High Option, if an In-Network provider is used, the Plan will pay 85% without a maximum plan amount (after calendar year deductible). For the Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), if an In-Network provider is used, the Plan will pay 80% without a maximum plan amount (after calendar year deductible). Custom foot orthotics can help by distributing weight evenly and properly. They can also help improve balance, movement, reduce knee and back pain, relieve heel and arch pain, reduce muscle fatigue and create better motion control.

Important Medicare Information!

We are now in a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that is offered to most Postal Service Annuitants and their eligible family members. Starting in April 2024, individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part A and not currently participating in Medicare Part B, will have a six-month opportunity to select Medicare Part B without incurring a late enrollment penalty. As part of the Postal Reform Act, USPS will pay the late enrollment penalty. Keep in mind, if you were previously eligible for Medicare Part B and chose not to enroll, but now have experienced some regrets, this is the one-time SEP is significant to your health and finance. Please have a safe and healthy summer.

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