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I know many of you are having issues with the leads that you have submitted. Unfortunately, at the moment, the Customer Connect Program in the New York District does not have someone on Management’s side that I could typically call to express my concerns. I am patiently waiting for them to assign someone to this position.
As you look around the city, many businesses are reopening and some new ones are being established. Therefore, we need to stay positive and continue to submit those leads. In gathering these leads we should inform the customers that right now we are a little behind; but someone will contact them. In the event that no one reaches out, please inform me so that I can try to figure out a way to get someone to contact them. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you in the meantime. We are all hoping that we can get management to find someone to fill this very important role. If the postal service doesn’t understand that this program can make the difference of being in the black or in the red as far as revenue is concerned; then we are all in trouble.
Just remember that our customers count on us to deliver. Whether it is mail, a package or information that can save them money to help grow their business. EDDM is a great way for our new businesses to advertise a Grand Opening, new services, new products and extended hours, etc. For only .19 cents per flier, advertisements can be placed inside a mailbox. Remember it’s .19 cents per flier times the number of possible deliveries on a route that will determine the price of their advertisement delivered to that specific route.
There were some stations that lost routes this year because of the lack of mail volume due to COVID. If we can find a way to get more mail into our system next year it would be a better year for the rest of the station encountering a route adjustment.
Parcels have also dropped in volume; we lost a lot of parcel post wagons as well. We can try to get that back by informing customers that we offer a free pickup service. Our competitors charge customer pick-up fees and fuel charges. The postal service is the least expensive way to mail a parcel. We deliver to every door, every day and no other company can say that. We know our customers better than any other deliver company. On top of our free pick-up service, we also give our customer free priority boxes. So, let’s recap, we pick-up for free, provide free boxes, deliver to every door every day, and we are the least expensive way to send a parcel across the country, what better way to save money. Some customers pay UPS to send out their packages; but are unaware of the fact that we are the ones who actually deliver that package for them. Everyone is looking for a way to save money; all we need to do is offer our services and let the customer make the choice, we have nothing to lose but much to gain.
If you need my help, please feel free to email me at Edward.A.Dyer@usps. gov and allow me the opportunity to assist you.


The MBA has a new short term disability insurance plan for its members, the MBA Individual Disability Income (IDI). This plan helps you when you be- come too sick or to injured to work, but have exhausted all of your leave (sick and annual leave). If this were to happen to you then you would receive Leave without Pay (LWOP), but with disability income insurance you would receive some income that would help with your living expenses. The MBA IDI is for all active members between the ages of 18 and 59 and you are eligible to renew until the age of 65 as long as your premiums are paid on a timely basis. Unfortunately, spouses and family members do not qualify.
They define total disability as: (1) unable to perform duties of the job substantial and materially, (2) if you are under a physician’s care such as treatments, consultations, and diagnostic and (3) not working at another job. Being totally disabled also means that you have lost your speech, hearing in both ears, sight in both eyes, the usage in both arms or both legs or the usage in one arm and leg.
MBA IDI is subjected to pre-existing condition limitations, that means if you have symptoms that you seek diagnosis, treatment or care for within one year period before your policy date or medical advice or treatment was recommended or received by a doctor within two before the policy date. There is a pre-existing condition limitation that states if your total disability starts within those two years from the policy date and it’s because of a pre-existing condition, you will not receive benefits unless you have gone for one year without receiving treatment or medical advice for that pre-existing condition.
A few things this policy does not cover are: (1) normal pregnancy or childbirth unless as described in the definition of sickness, (2) there’s a result from alcoholism or drug addiction, (3) if you were involved in illegal activity, (4) attempted to commit a felony, (5) whether a declared or undeclared act of war, (6) results from a suicide or self-inflicted injury, (7) cosmetic surgery unless the procedure was deemed necessary.
There are a few options to choose from: $650, $1,350, or $2,000 per month for a period of six (6) or twelve (12) months. This plan has a fourteen (14) day elimination period, your benefits would start fourteen (14) days after the day your disability began and during the time when there were no disability benefits provided. Your payments can be made biweekly through payroll deductions or paid directly to the MBA Office on a monthly or annual basis. Electronic fund transfers are also acceptable.
You can learn more if you go to the website and search MBA or November 2021 Postal Record, where you will find James Yates article. You can apply for this or any one of the many life insurance policies that MBA has to offer. You will be able to download and print the application. At the bottom of the page, you can click on the MBA brochures, Forms, and/or Applications. You need to click on your state, if your state is not listed, click on all other states. For this policy click on the MBA Individual Disability Income; print and fill out an application and mail it to the address on top. The address is: US Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association, 100 Indiana Ave NW Suite 510, Washington, DC 20001-2144.

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