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Shirtedra Thomas


Shirtedra was elected to the position of Sergeant at Arms in 2022. Shirtedra began her carrier as a Letter Carrier and proud Branch 36 Union member in 2005. From the beginning of her postal career, Shitedra has pushed her coworkers to get involved and protect themselves. Shirtedra’s pragmatic abilities led her to be elected Shop Steward by her peers. In 2018, Shirtedra became a Customer Connect Coordinator and in 2019 she assisted on the route adjustment team. Uplifting all carriers and job protection has always been her goal during her career. In 2020 Shirtedra’s talents were called upon to become a Formal A Representative and an on-the-job instructor. Shirtedra took those positions and continued to make strides. In 2022, Shirtedra put her organizing ability to the test when she was selected to co-chair the Food Drive by President Charlie Heege. Shirtedra is proud to represent the Letter Carriers of Branch 36 as the Sergeant at Arms.

NALC Food Drive

I would like to thank the Executive Board for electing me to the position of Food Drive Chairperson along with Charles Kinard. The NALC Food Drive has been an ongoing success. I would like to offer a special thanks to Melinda Hammond and Jose Henriquez for their tremendous support. We were able to sell our Food Drive t-shirts in Bronx and Manhattan stations.
The Kickoff Event on May 11th was a great success. Thank you to Ellen Granger, the City Harvest Representative, as well as Rachel Laibson, the Westside Campaign Against Hunger Representative. We are also grateful for The United States Postal Service Representatives Takeya Fuller, Eshe Samuels and Nakia Montgomery. Special thanks to our Area Managers Lijia Dyer and Anthony Carlo as well. I must also mention how appreciative we are for the inspiring messages from Branch 36’s Executive Vice President, Pascual Ortiz, and 1st Vice President, Sonny Guadalupe.
Lastly, I would like to thank Tiffany Brown, the representative from Mayor Eric Adams’ office. She read his proclamation that acknowledged great appreciation for our efforts to help the NYC community.
It was a proud moment to witness firsthand the impact our food drive had and the countless amount of people we were able to help. For those interested, we still have food drive t-shirts available for $16 each. We value everyone’s participation and continued support.

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