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Yvette Kinard

Director of Education

Holidays and Scheduling

Happy Holidays Branch 36 family. It’s that time of year again: lots of packages, mail, and everything else that gets thrown our way. The increase in packages and mail will oftentimes cause rest day cancellations and extended work hours. I want us all to be mindful of our rights during the hustle and bustle of the season.
There have been multiple complaints from carriers regarding Article 41 issues. A few of the issues brought to my attention recently had to do with carrier technicians. Carrier Technician assignments (floaters) are full time assignments with five different routes, sometimes less. Carrier Technicians receive a higher level of pay equivalent to 2.1% more than regular carriers if they have a full string (5 routes). This is to compensate for knowing five different assignments. Carrier technician assignments, when vacant for more than five days, may be opted/held down by a Part-Time Flexible carrier (PTF). PTFs are also entitled to receive the extra 2.1%.
One of the issues that arose has to do with whether a carrier technician can be moved off their string. The answer is yes and no. Carrier technicians have the right to work their full assignment as bid, but what happens when rest days are cancelled and all the routes on your string are taken? The answer can be found in the Bronx & Manhattan Local Memorandum of Understanding, under item 21 (21 sec. 23 BX & 21.1 sec. G Manhattan). In the event a regular assigned carrier is requested to work on his/her non-scheduled workday, he/she shall be assigned to work his/her own route. A cycle carrier who works on his/her non-workday shall be used to perform carrier work in his/her cycle of fixed routes. If no work is available to the cycle carrier in his/her cycle, he/she shall be used to perform other carrier work.
Under item 21 any regular carrier who works their nonscheduled day is entitled to work their own route. This will leave the carrier technician open for the day. The carrier technician can still be placed on a route within their cycle, if one is available. The carrier technician has the right to displace (bump) a City Carrier Assistant (CCA) first and then a Part Time Flexible (PTF) if no other assignment is open on their string. Article 41.1.C.4 states in part it is management’s discretion to move a Carrier Technician from their normal rotation to another route on their string. This move is very rare, but it does happen, especially during the holidays. If the string of routes, are all covered by their regulars, management is still required to keep the Carrier Technician within their section. If you are a foot carrier floater, you will remain in your section unless there is not enough work available.
As always, reach out to the branch and your shop steward with questions or potential issues. Wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday season!

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